Can I be honest with you? You can find cheaper hosting out there.

GASP! Is he serious?!

But should you go that route? That’s a personal question and I certainly would recommend you try it if you’re willing. Perhaps you’ll have fantastic luck and find a superb host. I’m not here to say they don’t exist and saying otherwise would be hypocritical.
I’m here (hosting websites) due to the fact that I once was in your shoes. I searched for the best deal around the web. I found some that were excellent and some that were horrific at best. Ultimately that’s what led me to realize that with technology today, almost anyone can claim to be a host. Yes, I said it. It doesn’t take a super genius. (In fact, anyone with a credit card can be a host in about 10 minutes).
That’s what makes this market unstable and causes bad experiences for people new to the web. The world today expects an online presence so where can you go to find someone safe who’s not looking to take advantage of you?
I’ve found that the hosts that I’ve admired most have had a great business sense, a strong technology background and approach to customer service as well as the passion to deliver what others only partially strive to meet. A genuine desire to deliver the web to people who rely on you is key.

So what separates Charlottezweb from the others then?

I’m glad you asked…
1. Cutting corners = BAD
Wholesale hosts focus on the bottom-line. Simply-stated, I could host hundreds of websites on a single low-class server. Technology and a business plan would support that. But what if I decide that I’d prefer to keep far fewer accounts on a high-powered server capable of serving hundreds? Screaming-fast websites? Happy customers? Oh my, is he crazy?!
2. It’s not always about Profit., LLC is a legally-registered company that has been serving its clients online for over 20 years. It’s a tax-filing business entity but is not the sole source of income for its constituents. What does this mean? We cover our business plan and deliver the rest of the savings to you. No get-rich schemes here! (Though we’d love to hear any you come across!)
3. Personalization.
Charlottezweb has been built over the past 20+ years client by client. We would not exist without you and this is a key part of our business model. In fact, referral business is how we meet new customers. (You can read about our Affiliate/Referral program here). We haven’t purchased advertising in well over a decade and prefer “word of mouth” introductions from happy customers.
Additionally, we do not provide “canned responses” to support questions. We aim to answer every question we receive with a response worthy of the time you spent to write it. For customers new to the web, we’d love to help you learn!

So the summary would be?

1. Top-end servers stocked well below capacity.
2. A sustainable business model based upon satisfied customers.
3. Personalized support that’s non-traditional in the hosting market.
4. Above all…SPEED and RESPONSIVENESS of all sites we host backed by a money-back guarantee!
Jason Saunders
Owner, Founder, LLC